Evelots Sink Shower Head-Sprayer-Shampoo-Child-Pet Bath-Portable-55 Inch Long



MSRP: $ 15.00
  • $ 7.99
  • Save $ 7.01


•This 55-inch long faucet to shower converter is convenient for washing your hair in the sink, giving your small animals a bath/rinse, bathing children, and more.

•Easy to install, simply attach spout end to your faucet securely and turn on your faucet to activate the shower head.

•Measures approximately 55 inches long by .75 inches in diameter. The shower head alone measures 3 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.

•This will fit most spouts that are .75 inches to 1 inch in outside diameter. The unit is flexible but it cannot be guaranteed to fit all spouts. Note: doesn't work with trough, waterfall, tub or low arc style spouts.

A trusted Vermont seller! For years Evelots has provided unique products with a 30 day easy return policy, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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