Evelots Long Hanging Closet Shelf-Organizer-Clothing/Shoes-8 Shelves Each



MSRP: $ 30.00
  • $ 13.39
  • Save $ 16.61

This set of hanging closet organizers have 8 shelves each. Perfect for storing clothing, shoes, purses, and other accessories. To use simply wrap the sturdy velcro straps located on top around a standard closet rod or wire rack and instantly you have a space saving storage unit. When not in use, the organizer collapses for easy storage. Made out of non-woven fabric. Measures approximately 11.5 inches Long x 11.5 inches Wide x 45 inches Height. Each shelf dimension is 11.5 inches Long x 11.5 inches Wide x 6 inches Height. Use in your bedroom, bathroom, basement, dorm, and more. Sold as single or set of 2.
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