Evelots Door/Window Draft Stopper-Double-No Repositioning-No Cold/Dust-36 Inch



MSRP: $ 30.00
  • $ 12.99
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Item Condition: New

Our jumbo draft stopper is the perfect solution to help insulate your home during any season! The double-sided draft stopper helps seal drafty doors. Keeps the heat inside your home in winter and outside where it belongs during humid summer days. Heat and cool your home more efficiently AND avoid increasingly high heating and air-conditioning bills. This multi-purpose draft stopper also works great for drowning out noises. Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments and areas you would like to keep quiet. The waterproof material creates a barrier that will protect your home from moisture, dust, dirt, and odors. Measures approximately 36 Inches Long with two 2 Inches diameter foam tubes on either side providing double the protection. Conveniently moves with your door - no need to constantly bend down to re-position your door draft stopper! Glides smoothly on any floor surface including tile, wood, vinyl, and carpet without damage. Installs quickly and easily: slip the foam tubes into the fabric sleeves, then slide under door, and you are ready to start saving money and energy! Insulate Your Windows To Block All Outside Air Flow. Drafty windows? Our jumbo draft stopper has you covered! Simply cut foam and fabric to fit your windows to help prevent drafts and seal in hot or cold air. The flexible material allows for the draft stopper to form fit to your windows. A great way to seal proof the whole house, keeping the inside of your home at the perfect temperature. You can customize this draft stopper. Use scissors to cut the foam tubing and fabric to the exact size needed.
  • SAVE MONEY & ENERGY! Cold air stays out and heat stays in. Cool and heat your home more efficiently with this double-sided door draft stopper. Double Sided = Double Protection! Also great for blocking noise and fumes.
  • EASY & CONVENIENT! Draft stopper glides over carpet, wood, tile, linoleum and more to easily move with the door. No need to bend down and reposition.
  • GREAT FOR ANY DOOR! Fits doors up to 36 inches. Foam and fabric can be cut down to fit narrow doors. Jumbo 2-inch diameter foam tubes are perfect for blocking extra-large gaps under your door. Can be used for your front door, back door, garage entry door, bedroom door, bathroom door, etc...
  • PERFECT FOR WINDOWS TOO! Cut draft stopper to size for windows to help prevent drafts and seal in hot or cold air. Flexible material allows for the draft stopper to form fit to your windows.
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