Evelots Shoe Stretcher-Wood-Expand Width & Length-Unisex-4 Bunion Plugs-3 Sizes



MSRP: $ 25.00
  • $ 14.99
  • Save $ 10.01

These specially designed wooden expanders gently expand shoe widths for toe box and heels. Provides immediate relief from wearing ill-fitting shoes. Helps to eliminate the need to "break-in" shoes. Relieves discomfort from common foot problems such as bunions, corns, calluses, misshapen hammertoes, and uneven foot sizes.This pair of shoe expanders are suitable for both men's and women's left and right shoes. Made out of high quality pine, metal, and plastic. The wooden shoe expanders can make adjustments to your shoe by turning the metal lever on the end to tighten or loosen which will gently stretch tight shoes (except vinyl glass shoes) to provide extra width or length, making them fit perfectly for a comfortable wear. Comes with adjustable bunion plugs to insert into specific locations on the wooden shoe stretcher. Can also help to maintain the shape of your shoes which often become creased over time. Comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The small fits 7-9 Womens & 6-7.5 Mens, the medium fits 9.5-11.5 Womens & 8-9.5 Mens, and the large fits 12 Womens & 10-12 Mens.
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