Evelots Furniture Lifter-Heavy Duty-Easy Moving Pads-Sofa/Refrigerator-17 Pieces



MSRP: $ 40.00
  • $ 19.99
  • Save $ 20.01

This 17-piece set includes a mover tool and 16 mover pads that will help you move furniture and appliances easily! This furniture lifter allows you to lift with 10 times your natural strength. Protect your back and easily move items that are are difficult to grip, such as sofas, tables, fridges, stoves, bookcases, beds, chairs, desks, and more. Each pad has a sleek bottom surface for gliding easily, while a grippy foam pad on the top side holds furniture in place during the move. Prevent rips and marks on wood floors and luxurious carpeting. The reusable pads are useful for cleaning, rearranging, and moving. Set contains one furniture lifter and 16 sliding mover pads in varying sizes and shapes for any job, big or small. Can be left in place for furniture that you frequently move to clean, or removed and reused with other pieces of furniture during a move or room reorganization. Lightweight sturdy metal construction is capable of lifting items up to 400 lbs! The furniture lifter allows you to raise furniture and appliances up to 2.5 inches from the ground with the aid of a fulcrum. Note: due to fulcrum placement, items must have clearance of 1 inch or less from the floor. Lifter measures 13.75 inches Long x 3.5 inches Wide x 4 inches Height including handle. Furniture slider measurements: Small circles (3.375 inches Diameter), large circles (7 inches Diameter), squares (4.25 inches x 4.25 inches). Not ideal for use with linoleum or vinyl style flooring. It is suggested to use felt furniture pads for linoleum flooring (sold separately).. Note: To increase rise simply add a 2x4 block or hard cover book under fulcrum (lifter's wheel). Also, helpful to use a block or hard cover book when lifting furniture located on carpeted surface.
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