Evelots Plant/Flower Watering Tall Spikes-Plant Food-Bottle Screw-No Tool



MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 9.99
  • Save $ 10.01

This set of watering spikes will make watering easy for small indoor and outdoor plants and gardens! Perfect for short travels, busy seasons, or for people who prefer to water less frequently but still want to enjoy beautiful plants and flowers. Plant-watering spikes easily attach to standard-sized water or soda bottles. No special tools required. Two small holes near the tip of the cones help water drip slowly and consistently over time down to the plant's root system. To use, simply fill a bottle with water, screw the plant spike onto the bottle (fits most water and soda bottles), turn irrigation system upside down, and insert deep into soil near plant's roots. For best results, remove any remaining plastic sealing ring from bottle before attaching cone to create a strong seal. Watering spikes enables you to easily set up automatic watering stations for many plants or flowers at once! Fill bottles with plant food or fertilizer mixtures for slow feeding. Self watering devices measure 7.25" long and 1" diameter at top end. We recommend monitoring water flow rate when first using spikes, as rate can vary depending on soil depth, density, and moisture content. Moist/dense soil may encourage slower watering flow.
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