Evelots Prism Bed Glasses-Read/Watch TV Lying Down-Use Over Your Glasses-Unisex



MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 12.99
  • Save $ 7.01

The prism bed spectacles allow users to read text or watch television from a lying down position, without having to crane or bend their neck. This position helps prevent neck and eye strain from awkward and uncomfortable reading positions, as it allows users to lay completely flat in bed with a book propped up in their lap or viewing a television on a wall or table. These lay flat bed reading glasses are perfect for recovery or limited mobility, bed-ridden patients, those recovering from surgery, pregnant women on bed rest, or anyone else needing to remain in bed for long periods of time can experience relief and re-engage with entertainment. Also an excellent choice for anyone else who spends time reading or watching TV in bed and struggles to find a comfortable or sustainable position. Prism spectacles accommodate glasses and can be worn over usual eyewear for a crisp and clear image for any user. These glasses do not magnify or focus images on their own, but simply tilt images at a 90-degree angle in order to view vertical images while in a horizontal position. Made of durable plastic with mirrors. Lightweight and easy to travel with on planes or trains. One size fits most. When unfolded, spectacles measure approximately 6.5 inches W x 6.4 inches D x 1.6 inches H. Note: These glasses are to be used for a short periods only. Please remove the glasses before falling asleep. Do not wear while walking/in motion as they can be disorientating.
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