Evelots New Defrosting Tray-Thaw Frozen Food Fast-No Electricity/Microwave



MSRP: $ 25.00
  • $ 15.99
  • Save $ 9.01

This defrosting tray will allow you to thaw frozen food with no electricity, water, or microwave needed. Large pieces of meat, such as frozen chicken breasts, steak, pork or lamb chops, and more can be defrosted in 30-60 minutes depending on thickness. Thinner meat, including burgers, sausages, fish and seafood, and bacon thaw even faster. No more guessing at times and temperatures in a microwave, which can begin to cook the meat in the process of defrosting. This rapid defrosting tray uses conduction to quickly and naturally transfer warmth evenly across the surface of food placed on it. Tray requires no preheating, and stays cool during defrosting. Simply place frozen food directly on the surface to begin defrosting. The large, flat surface enables you to thaw multiple items at a time so you don't have to rotate them through a microwave or water bath and leave defrosted food waiting to be cooked. It is recommended to cook food immediately after thawing. Defrosting tray stores easily in a narrow space. Measures approximately 14 inches L x 8.1 inches W x 0.6 inches H. Made of aluminum. Tray can be hand-washed or placed in the bottom rack of a dishwasher to sterilize.
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