Evelots Cat Litter/Pet Food Mat-3-FEET-LONG-No Litter Spread-Non Skid-New Model



MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 10.99
  • Save $ 9.01

Tired of pet litter all over your floor? Help prevent the “litter spread” with the Evelots extra large kitty litter mat that is 3 foot long. The intricate mesh looped surface traps rogue kitty litter as your pet steps out of the litter box, significantly reducing the amount they track throughout your house. Can also be placed inside of exterior doors to reduce dirt and debris tracked inside by your pet. Soft, durable material is easy on pet paws. Non skid pet rug features a grippy bottom that prevents movement so the rug stays right where you put it, making it ideal for pet litter stations, by doors, or as a pet feeding mat under food and water bowls. The moisture-proof backing protects hardwood, laminate, tile, or linoleum floors by preventing spilled water or pet urine from penetrating through. This mat can also be used to help prevent hind leg slipping and support senior pets who have trouble holding their weight while standing to eat or drink. Rectangle design measures 36 inches length by 23.5 inches width by 0.1 inch height, perfect for smaller pets and corner litter stations in a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. Neutral black color is suitable for any room or decor. Made of durable material that stands up to heavy pet use. When mat needs cleaning, simply vacuum or shake litter out, or spray with a hose and air dry. Not machine washable. Litter box not included.
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