Evelots Gel Heel So Soft Smooth Heel Sleeve Socks,One Size Fits All, Blue


MSRP: $ 12.00
  • $ 5.99
  • Save $ 6.01

These gel heel sleeves help to eliminate hard, dry, and cracked heels. Simply wear overnight to provide continuous softening of dry and hardened skin. One size fits all. Leave your feet feeling fresh and soft. Use alone or with foot treatments and creams. Machine washable, where again and again. For best results it is suggested to wear the sock sleeves at least 3 times a week while you sleep. Be sure the gel pad is covering the effected area. Made out of soft gel and formfitting and breathable polyester material. You will feel the difference after wearing these gel sleeves. Great for athletes and for individuals who are frequently on their feet.
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