Evelots Plant Watering Globe-Glass-Automatic Water System-Indoor/Outdoor



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Keep Your Plants Healthy Without All The Work
Our set of decorative glass watering globes are both easy to use and great for taking care of your plants while you are away. No need to worry about over or under watering your plants because as soil becomes dry, it draws moisture from the glass globe for up to two weeks as needed. Once the soil has been watered enough the water stops flowing.
These self-watering bulbs are a great tool for gardening beginners, or those who are unsure of when they should be watering plants to keep them at their healthiest.

Quick and Easy To Use
To use: Make a hole in the soil first with a stick or pencil, this will help to avoid soil clogging the tube. Fill each watering globe with water. Insert the tube into the hole you made in the soil and you are on your way to healthy, beautiful plants! Each globe will keep your plant watered for 7-14 days. To clean globe, simply fill with water and mild dish soap and shake well. Once globe looks clean, rinse and let air dry.
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