Evelots Prism Bed Specs Laying In TV Book Reading Glasses Eyeglasses Spectacles


MSRP: $ 25.00
  • $ 14.49
  • Save $ 10.51

These prism glasses are optical glasses that allow you to read in bed or watch TV while remaining comfortable and lying flat on your back. The perfect solution for those with limited mobility, these unique prism glasses are great for preventing neck cramps or eye strain. The prism glasses turn your view to a downward 90 degree angle, eliminating the need for head movement. Looking through gives you a crisp and clear image. Lie on your back with your head on a pillow, and you'll be able to read a book resting right in front of you on your chest. Glasses are light weight and great for travel on a plain, car, train, etc. Read or watch TV in complete comfort. One size fits most. Made out of durable plastic with mirrors. Measures approximately 6.5 inches in length by 6.4 inches in width by 1.6 inches in height.
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