Evelots® 15 FT Window & Door Screen Repair Tape Adhesive & Waterproof,Fix Screens


MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 10.99
  • Save $ 9.01

Stop buying expensive replacement screen doors and windows when they rip and tare, there is a new solution, instead use this screen repair tape that will solve the problem instantly! Simple to use, just cut and tape over the torn areas of your screen and just like new your screen will be repaired. Comes in a 15 foot roll and measures approximately 2 inches in width. Helps to prevent bugs and insects from getting into your home through rips and holes in the screen. Adheres to just about any screen surface such as fiberglass and plastic coated screens (Does not adhere to metal screens). The screen like material helps give the repaired screen a seamless look. Great for quick and simply repairs to your windows, doors, camping supplies, garden materials, and more! Made out of a mesh fiberglass material.
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