Toe Splint- Hammer Toe Straightener Brace w/ Cushion- Broken Toe- 1 Pc

Hampton Direct

MSRP: $ 10.00
  • $ 4.99
  • Save $ 5.01

This toe straightener is a great solution and gentle way to correct overlapping, crooked or hammertoes with gentle, constant pressure. The adjustable, cotton-covered elastic loop holds toes securely in place, while the soft foam pad molds itself to the bottom of your foot and cushions it as well. The toe straighteners ease pain by separating and straightening crooked, broken and/or hammer toes. Directions: Slip toe straightener's elastic loops over crooked toes. Gently pull loose end of strap until toe is properly aligned. Pull on hosiery carefully and readjust product as necessary. For best results, do not wear shoes that compress toes together. If desired, strap may be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit as well. One size fits most. Can be used on both feet and fits comfortably with most shoes. Care Instructions: Hand wash product with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Press flat in a clean towel to remove excess moisture then air dry completely, away from direct heat and sunlight, before reuse. Measures approximately 4" x 3" at widest part.
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