Evelots Set Of 8 Closet Shelf Dividers For Wire Shelving, Wire Design, White



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Get rid of clutter and keep your closets organized and clean with this set of 8 wire shelf dividers. Once you use these dividers you will wonder how you ever got along without them! You will be able to stack linens higher than ever before without them toppling over or getting intertwined with other clothing. Perfect for keeping stacks of t-shirts, towels, sweaters, accessories, and more! Spread them out as far or as close as you would like. Specially designed to simply clip into existing wire shelving systems. Each coated bar is .25" thick in diameter. Made of plastic coated steel frames that will not rust. Use caution when mounting to wire shelving unit. Each divider is white in color. Comes with a total of 8 wire dividers. Each divider measures approximately 12"L x 12"H x 4" over all.
  • This set of 8 shelf dividers help support stacked items so that they do not go tumbling over.
  • Specially designed to simply clip onto existing wire shelving systems.
  • Made of a white plastic coated steel frame that will not rust.
  • Each divider measures approximately 12"L x 12"H.
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