Evelots 2-In-1 Aluminum Can Crusher and Bottle Opener, Soda And Beer Can Smasher


MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 13.99
  • Save $ 6.01

Hey, earth lover! Recycle those aluminum cans quick and easily with Evelots soda, pop and beer can crusher. Instantly smash 12 and 16 ounce cans down to one inch to save space in the garbage can, trash bag or recycling bin. Our can compressor is made from sturdy, durable steel with a soft-grip handle that makes crushing cans a smash-hit. Simply attach the can crusher securely to a solid surface, bench, or wall in your kitchen, basement, garage, deck or anywhere else you’ll be crushing cans. Place an aluminum can in the crusher and pull the handle down to smash. 4 screws included for easy installation. Drinking from a bottle, too? The bottom plate can be used as a bottle opener. Push bottle towards the wall and the cap will pop off quick and easily. Comes in a light green and black color. Measures approximately 3.6"L by 3"W by 10"H with the handle measuring 4"L by 1.13"W by 13"H.
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