Evelots 20 Inch Drain Pipe Snakes, Flexible Cables For Unclogging Drains, 2 Pack


MSRP: $ 10.00
  • $ 6.99
  • Save $ 3.01

These heavy duty drain pipe cleaners are excellent for declogging just about any drain. No more water build up in your showers and sinks! Comes with (2) 20-inch long drain snakes. Both have alternating burrs on either side to help grab whatever is clogging the drain. Very flexible for bending down curving drains. Has a convenient handle at the top for directing the drain pipe cleaner. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, utility sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Reusable and a better alternative for cleaning your drain then using toxic chemicals. The dimensions of each drain cleaner is approximately 20"L by .25"W by .06"H. Made from very durable plastic. Put an end to your clogged drains for good with these easy to use drain pipe cleaners.
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