Evelots® 2 Velvet Butterfly Scarf Hangers - Organize, & Store Scarves


MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 9.99
  • Save $ 10.01

These Butterfly Velvet Scarf Holders are attractive and come in color choices of Blue, Green, Purple, and Pink. The velveteen-finish on these hangers help to hold onto your scarves so they don't fall off. The Butterfly Velvet Scarf Holders have multiple holes for varied sizes and protect/organize your scarves, wraps and bandannas for wardrobe storage or wall display. The hangers are sturdy, yet soft-to-the-touch. Depending on the length, fabric and texture of your scarf, you can double up or dedicate slots for each individual one. The hangers measure about 10" in width and approximately 8" from the top wing to the bottom wing.
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