Evelots Drawer Organizers- Adjustable Dividers-Kitchen-Bathroom-Office



MSRP: $ 30.00
  • $ 14.99
  • Save $ 15.01

Looking for a better way to organize those junk drawers? This set of 3 drawer organizers with 21 dividers will allow you to separate items and keep things in order and in place. Keep your office drawers tidy with everything in its own slot. Also great for keeping your shelves neat. These drawer dividers are also stack-able and will allow you to save space on your shelves. Perfect for storing arts and crafts supplies, office supplies, kitchen supplies, random items like essential oils, cosmetics, small toys, etc. Also great for storing small pieces of clothing and accessories like socks, underwear, ties, belts, and bras. Conveniently waterproof and hand washable when needed. Use in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, closet, dorm, and more! Configure the drawer dividers to meet your storage needs. For example: You can make 15 cells by inserting 2 long dividers and 4 short dividers. You can make 10 cells by inserting 1 long divider into the middle slot and 4 short dividers. You will receive (3) 13-0.5 Inches long x 9-0.25 Inches wide x 3-0.25 Inches high drawers with (9)-12 inch long x 2.4 inch wide divider pieces and (12)-9.25 inches long x 2.4 Inches wide divider pieces.
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