Evelots 8 Pack Rubber Anti Vibration Pads-Shock Support for Washer/Dryer, Universal Fit-Dampens Noise-Prevents Walking/Skidding



MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 7.99
  • Save $ 12.01


•TELL THEM NOT TO "TAKE A WALK": Your washer and dryer can vibrate quite a bit when they are working, which can cause them to "walk" across the floor, raising the risk of damaging your floor. It also makes a lot of noise and annoys the neighbors. You can fix all these problems by placing these sound dampening "anti-walking" rubber pads under each corner, below the leveling feet. This will stop their walking in their tracks.

•THEY WON'T SLIP OFF: These rubber anti-vibration pads have indentations in the tops, ensuring the machine will not slip off them when it is vibrating. They also raise the machine enough to make it easier to clean under it.

•UNIVERSAL FIT: The indentations in the tops are 1.7 inches in diameter, wide enough to fit most any feet of a washer or dryer, including side-by-sides and stackable units.

•8 PACK. ENOUGH FOR BOTH MACHINES: Package includes 8 pads, which allows you to cover all 4 feet of both your washer and dryer. Each pad is .75 inches tall and will raise your machine .5 inches. They are 2.5 inches wide on the bottom, plenty of area to keep your machine from moving. The top lip is .25 inches, ensuring the machine won't slip off.

A trusted Vermont seller! For years Evelots has provided unique products with a 30 day easy return policy, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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