Evelots Automatic Plant Waterers Self Watering System Indoor Outdoor Use



MSRP: $ 15.00
  • $ 6.99
  • Save $ 8.01

This set of watering stakes are great for keeping your plants healthy and watered to the perfect amount. A great tool to have while you are on vacation or gone and unable to take care of your plants. Each of these watering devices help to keep your plants watered at the exact time they need it making these perfect for seeding and planting. To use, simply place the end of the tube into a vase or container of water an elevate it so that the container full of water is higher then brim of the plant's pot. Then put the watering stake all the way into your plants soil so that the white ceramic piece is fully submerged into the soil and is not showing. The watering stake will suck the water through the tubing and infuse your plant to hydrate it when needed. No more worrying about over watering, these devices will take the guess work out of it! Can be used indoors and outdoors, on a porch, deck, and more. Each watering stake is made out of rubber, plastic, metal and ceramic. Each watering stake measures 4.25 Inches Long. The tubing measures approximately 29.5 Inches in length by .05 Inch in width. Comes with a total of 3 watering stakes.
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