Evelots Ceiling Fan Duster-Up to 9 Feet Reach-2 Sides-Microfiber-All Size Blades



MSRP: $ 30.00
  • $ 14.99
  • Save $ 15.01

Clean ceiling fans with ease without climbing on chairs or ladders. Double-sided brush removes dust from both sides of the fan blades at once. Duster removes dirt and dust by static electricity. Can also be used as a dust mop or duster for hard to reach spots. Fits ceiling fan blades of any size. 47 inch long handle great for hard to reach areas. Instructions: Screw together handle segments and fiber duster to the desired length. Caution: Not a toy, use with adult supervision. Contains small parts that could present a chocking hazard. Do not expose fibers to excessive heat for prolonged periods as they may melt. Care instructions: Shake to release any dust. Hand wash in lukewarm water and mild detergent. Drip dry avoiding direct sunlight. Before using, lightly rub mop head to create static electricity.
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