Evelots Cheesecake Pan-Removable Bottom-Round-Easy Release-Oven Safe-2 Piece Set



MSRP: $ 20.00
  • $ 7.99
  • Save $ 12.01

Evelots 2 Piece Cheese cake pan features a removable bottom and nonstick surface that allows for easy removal. This pan will make 6.75 inch inner diameter cakes that are approximately 2.5 inch high. Anodized-aluminum bakeware reaches baking temperatures faster, so your recipe can start doing its thing. Seamless, even-wall construction produces consistent heating for the best possible rise. No extra metal means quicker cooling times so your baked goods actually stops baking once removed from oven. Safe for citrus based foods and no cross-contamination. No chemical coatings. Heats and cools quicker than most pans by reflecting heat rather than absorbing heat, which also allows for even heating and consistent cooking temperature throughout. Easy release. Freezer Safe. Hand wash in warm, soapy water before and after use.
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