Evelots Soap Saver/Holder-Pocket-Soft Microfiber-Grab Dirt Easily-On Rope



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Are you tired of throwing out perfectly good pieces of soap that are too small to work with? Or dropping the soap on your toes? This set of 3 soap holders will put those tiny scraps to work. These microfiber soap savers are an excellent solution for lathering up with a slippery bar of soap, and getting more life out of small soap scraps that are impossible to hold onto. Simply slip the soap bar or pieces into the convenient terry cloth pocket, add water, and lather up with your "œsoap on a rope." These gentle soap sponge holders are made from soft, high quality microfiber with a sponge insert and is smooth and easy on sensitive skin, including the face, and are an excellent alternative to loofahs or abrasive cleansing cloths. Microfiber has special fibers that grab any dirt in their way. The fibers pick up the dirt, so there is no rubbing or scratching involved. They do a very thorough job of cleansing and exfoliating. Set of three (one each blue, pink, and green) soap holders makes a wonderful birthday and housewarming gift, or shower gift for brides, expectant mothers, and new babies. Also perfect for kids who are learning to bathe themselves. Soap holders are washable and reusable. After use, hang in the shower to dry. Machine wash and tumble dry when needed (remove soap first). Each soap holder measures approximately 6 inches Long x 4 inches Wide x .75 inches High.
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