Evelots Telephone Phone Amplifier Very Loud Telephone Speaker Ringtone Amplifier


MSRP: $ 15.00
  • $ 6.99
  • Save $ 8.01

Is your home or office often noisy? Are you experiencing hearing loss or impairment? Don’t miss another call! The Evelots telephone ring volume enhancer increases the volume of a landline telephone to help make sure you catch important calls. Also features a flashing light that illuminates for additional visual alert. The 2-position switch allows you to choose between a high- and low-frequency tone according to preference. Make your phone easier to hear when working outside, in the garage, on another floor of the house, or while sleeping. Installs in seconds and works with any landline telephone at home or office. No batteries required; runs from electricity provided by landline connection. Not compatible with cell phones. Measures approximately 4”L x 2.325”W x 1”H. Instructions included. Available as a single or set of 2
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